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What is E-Gateway?

E-Gateway is Australia's FIRST manual payment gateway. Established in 2001, E-Gateway has remained as one of Australia's largest and most secure payment gateway solutions.

E-Gateway is a service available to website owners so they can receive credit card payments via a secure transaction system. There are no transaction fees or setup fees for the service, only a nominal annual fee.

E-Gateway is a 'manual transaction gateway' which means that all credit card details are made available to the seller for manual processing through their existing card payment system (i.e. Card payment without signature). This is a much cheaper yet just as effective method of collecting credit card payments via your website.

How E-Gateway works?

Client places order
on website and
elects to pay by
credit card.
Website automatically
goes to secure
payment page on
egateway server.
Client enters their
credit card details.
Card details are stored in
merchant account database.
Client is sent confirmation
email and transferred back to
website. Merchant is sent alert
that payment has been made.

Benefits and Features of E-Gateway

  • FREE unlimited technical support to help you integrate E-Gateway with your website
  • Supports multiple currencies (suitable for businesses in Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, UK and most other regions)
  • Works with most shopping cart systems or stand alone payment pages
  • *NEW* optional secure order form. You can add as many items to this order form and link to your website to make secure online ordering easy
  • Optional, customisable email responses
  • Customisable information on payment page
  • Supports Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Diners Club and JCB
  • Automatic email alerts when transaction has occurred
  • Supports unlimited transactions
  • Multiple viewing modes for ease of use such as transaction search, view all transactions or view single transactions
  • Ongoing updates and upgrades
  • Free advice & support
  • High security - 128bit SSL on transactions and administration areas plus I.P. address, customer country and ISP logging & anti-fraud statement
  • 100% PCI-DSS
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