Merchant Requirements

To start accepting credit card payments via E-gateway, you will need the following:

Choosing a Bank

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a bank is that in Australia, you do not necessarily need to have your merchant facility with the same bank you have your business account. This means that if your bank quotes high fees or will not allow you to have manual payment processing through your website then you can easily approach other banks for this facility.
Fees are usually negotiable with banks as well. Make sure you spend the time to shop around the banks and get the best deal on your monthly and transaction fees.

PCI DSS Compliance

When speaking to your bank, ensure that you mention the payment gateway you wish to use is E-Gatway which is PCI-DSS compliant. PCI-DSS compliance is the industry standard and regulation required for any website to store or transmit credit card details. E-Gateway undergoes 3 monthly audits and we ensure that it always meets (and exceeds) the regulations and standards outlined by PCI-DSS.